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Concrete Floors & Foundations

Residential and Commercial

We’re experts at laying concrete floors, foundations, slab, pads and are capable of handling any size, commercial or residential. At Blundell Concrete, we’re proud to deliver high-end concrete products, on time and on budget.

A practical and comfortable home solution

As an indoor residential solution you may initially think of concrete floors as “cold”, “prison-like” or “industrial”. But with its ability to take on colour and a polished sheen, coupled with its many benefits, concrete may become your new favourite.

Concrete floors soak up heat in the day and release it at night keeping the temperature of the home more stable, making it an ideal solution. This thermal efficiency keeps your power costs down, with less need for heating and cooling. The smooth, easy to clean surface makes it easier to maintain a healthier environment.

As well as these practical benefits, a concrete floor also looks great. Our large selection of concrete stamping patterns combined with our comprehensive range of colours and concrete floor finishes make it possible to have a uniquely styled feature floor to suit any setting. 

With many garages being used as extensions of living space, why not make them as attractive as the rest of the home. As part of our Concrete Driveway service we also produce many plain concrete floors for residential garages.

Industrial & commercial results

We meticulously adhere to the industry requirements when laying concrete floors, slabs or pads for your next commercial concrete project. From load considerations, levelness, surface hardness to colour and finish. There’s no job too big or too small, our professional team are experts at laying commercial concrete floors.

Need a quote for your concrete floor? Contact us to arrange a site visit, and we’ll provide you with a no obligation free quote.

Auckland wide concrete foundations

If you are thinking of building a new home, it’s important that you get the foundations right. Your home’s footings and foundations play a colossal role in the safety and value of your property.

From slab foundations, crawl space foundations to basement foundations, our team of experts ensure the correct approach for your new build. We know that not all sites are suitable for all types of concrete foundations, so our considerations include soil conditions, water tables, local climate and more.

Need help building concrete foundations in Auckland? Contact the experts at Blundell Concrete for your next project.

Other services we offer:

Concrete Driveways & Carparks

From plain concrete driveways to modern decorative concrete finishes. Blundell Concrete offer numerous options which are durable, great looking and easy to maintain.

Concrete Pool Areas, Patios & Paths

Decorative concrete is a perfect choice for your pool area, patio or pathway. It can conform with the style of your home and nestle seamlessly into your surroundings.

Earthworks & Excavation

Blundell Concrete provide reliable earthworks and excavation solutions. Catering for both residential and commercial projects. We're efficient to meet deadlines as well as cost-effective to keep within your budget.

Ready to start your next concrete project?

Our expert services are always in demand which keeps us super busy. We run a tight ship which enables us to always accomodate our customers. Speed up the process by using our Concrete Cost Calculator, from there it’s simple to book us in for a site visit. Or simply contact us and we’ll be in touch to arrange a no obligation free quote.

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How much will it cost me?

We know a concrete project can seem daunting to most, where do you start and how much will it cost? Our Concrete Cost Calculator is ideal for everyone, especially those developing or redeveloping a new or existing site where you require multiple concrete jobs at the same time and need an accurate cost estimate. It covers all aspects of your project from site excavation & preparation to concrete thicknesses & finishes simultaneously.

Calculating the area of your concrete project

Calculate your Area

Calculating your area in square metres may sound challenging but we can help with that. Our Area Calculator provides you with all the tips you need to do the math yourself.

Using the concrete cost calculator

Use the Cost Calculator

Once you've calculated your area, jump onto our easy to use, yet powerful, Concrete Cost Calculator. Get your 'almost instant' and accurate online estimate today.

Getting your concrete project underway

Get your Project Underway

If you're happy with our online estimate, simply book in a site visit and receive a copy of the calculations via email. We'll then be in touch to confirm dates and figures.

The Blundell Concrete Cost Calculator provides online estimates only and are an accurate approximation of what your project may cost.
For a firm and official quote please contact us to arrange a site visit.