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Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing, Repairs, Acid Wash, Concrete Sealing

At Blundell Concrete Contractors we have a vast range of decorative concrete coatings and decorative concrete processes and finishes.

We can repair, restore, pattern cut resurface and seal your old tired looking concrete and make it look as good, or better, than when it was new. The process begins with a thourough cleaning including acid washing. Once properly prepared and etched with the acid the coatings are applied.

After the coatings have set we apply a concrete sealing compound that will protect the surface from absorbing water and reduce colour fading in harsh sunlight for years to come. We use only the best quality coatings and they provide a stunning looking finished product with real depth of colour that is very hard wearing.

Concrete processes and finishes

Colour Wash

This is done to re-colour old stamped concrete driveways or coloured areas. This breathes fresh new life into the colour. When colour washing concrete, it is critical to use sealants as well.

Pattern Cutting

This process involves cutting lines and grooves into the surface of the concrete. Patterns, straight lines or curves can be cut. The range of designs we can cut into the surface of the concrete can create tile, flagstone, cobblestone or your own uniquely styled pattern.

Resurfacing Experience

We have a lot of experience in resurfacing concrete, we understand how different concretes will react to our wide range of decorative concrete processes. Not all concrete types are suitable for all concrete resurfacing methods. As concrete types vary widely we have found the best way to go forward with these jobs is to have a look at your particular driveway, path or concrete patio ourselves. Then we can discuss all the options that best suit your concrete type and will give the look you are seeking.

Acid Wash

Acid treatments do not dye or paint the concrete, it is a chemical process that dissolves the surface lime and minerals which creates new earthy tones in the top one or two millimeters of concrete.

The amount of time the acid is left on the job determines the final colour of the finished concrete.

When the desired tint is achieved the acid is neutalised and the area thoroughly scrubbed.

Results depend on the original concrete mix, after coating and sealing the concrete often takes on a translucent appearance more like that of natural stone.

We specialise in stamp (imprint), exposed, coloured and decorative cut concrete. We also offer concrete grinding and general concrete cutting.

Coloured and Stamp Imprinted Concrete Driveway Resurfacing


Stamped Decorative Coloured Concrete Pathway


Decorative Stamped Coloured Concrete Patio


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