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Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways Auckland

Concrete driveways are no longer limited to one colour or finish, there are more than 20 concrete colours to choose from. Sandstone to Island Red or Awatoto Pebble. When combined with the choice of our extensive range of concrete finishes you can be assured of a unique driveway that enhances the look and feel of your property. Our finishes include plain concrete, broom, trowel, exposed aggregates, coloured, sealed, stamped, scribed or decra cut. The choice is yours. The possible combinations are endless.

The team at Blundell Concrete are skilled and highly creative in all aspects of laying concrete and correct driveway construction methods, we are here to help and are a great source of advice on design and construction.

Whether you have a small to medium suburban property or larger rural or semi-rural life-style block that is in need of some TLC or upgrading, call Blundell Concrete Ltd. first.

Concrete Driveways are the most versatile and durable driveway material available. Plain or exposed aggregate concrete driveways are always practical and will last a lifetime when installed by our expert team.

Beware of the risks when accepting the lowest quote. Poor concrete placement techniques and preparation will often lead to unsightly cracking or worse. If you want your driveway to last a lifetime bear in mind that your new driveway cost is dependent on much more than just pouring the concrete at the cheapest price. Quality concrete is all about correct preparation!

The base fill is correct for the land conditions and is thoroughly compacted

Concrete depth is even over the entire job

Control cuts are put into critical areas on the day of the pour

Shrinkage control joints are to all of the relevant NZ standards

Reinforcing options are explained to the customer on driveways where we consider it necessary

Drainage and base fill depth is sufficient to prevent washout under the concrete in storms

Blundell Concrete Ltd is NSTS Certified

Professional driveway repairs and maintenance

Coloured and Stamped Concrete Driveways

Coloured and stamped concrete driveways are becomimg increasingly popular because they allow the discerning home owner to have a unique decorative concrete entrance way to their property.

The natural paved stone finishes we have available will add both value and a statement of style to any property. Stamped and coloured concrete is one of the more elegant driveway solutions.

Concrete Driveway Contractors, Blundell Concrete have 20 years experience in laying, placing and pouring concrete for plain, exposed aggregate and decorative concrete driveways in Auckland.

We operate from Albany on the North Shore to Pokeno and Papakura in South Auckland and the Western suburbs including Glen Eden, Henderson and Waitakere. We specialise in stamp (imprint), exposed, coloured and decorative cut concrete.

We operate from Albany on the North Shore to Pokeno and Papakura in South Auckland and the Western suburbs including Glen Eden, Henderson and Waitakere.

We take pride in both the strength of our work and the finish. Top quality workmanship assured!

Blundell Concrete Ltd has vast experience in all types of concrete placing and decorative concrete finishes. As expert concrete contractors, we are dedicated in providing a personalised service with a quality end product. If you need a concrete contractor for your new driveway, patio, pool surround, floor slab (commercial and residential) or anything concrete, you’ve come to the right place.

We specialise in stamp (imprint), exposed, coloured and decorative cut concrete. We also offer concrete grinding and general concrete cutting. Blundell Concrete Ltd is NSTS Certified.

Have an Old, Tired Driveway? Don’t Despair, We Repair!

We can transform your old driveway and create a fresh, modern new look to your property. With the addition of a colour and sealant, your driveway will look better than new! The sealants we use give a coating that will resist moss, mold, mildew and even stains.

This coating will last for two to three years and is relatively inexpensive to reseal. Sealing concrete ensures your driveway is always protected from the elements, looks like new and lasts for many more years than unsealed concrete.

This concrete slab has had the right hand side treated with the sealant and the other half has been left as plain concrete, unsealed. The natural vibrant colours of the aggregates shine through year round, when it rains the water beads off without bleaching, mineral scaling or eroding the surface.

The photo clearly demonstrates the difference between sealed and unsealed concrete.
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